Are You An Agency Looking To Outsource Web Design Work?

Hi i'm Mike, a freelancer who creates website designs for small to medium sized businesses.

Why I Might Be A Good Fit?

After all working with freelancers can have big benefits to your agency.

You may not need a full time designer

Busy periods require an extra pair of hands

You would like to partner with a web designer

Alistair Hill 

Mike at Web Country Design has worked on a number of projects with me and I cannot recommend his expertise enough. His designs are modern, slick and absolutely on point, whilst his skill in delivering the built websites is always on time and to budget. He continues to exceed expectations every time.

Some Of Your
Questions Answered

In any case there are things you need to know before you can consider working with me.

Cariston Sheppard

High quality service and great attention to detail. Mike was available anytime we needed and we owe a large part of our recent success to the work he’s done.
“Has this guy worked with many agencies before”

Agencies I have completed work for:

“OK he’s worked for 9 agencies but do they end up hiring him more than once?”

Web projects I have completed, in total:

"Right, he has done a lot of work. I hope he can get it completed even on tight schedules."

How many deadlines have I missed?


Benefit Of Using Me

I'll give you a few reasons, if I may.

You get quality design work

My design work centers on maximizing a website's affectivness at achieving its goals.

You get someone who is flexible

I can’t do the splits but I have designed a wide range of website niches.

You don’t have to speak with a robot

Chat GPT jokes aside. I am personable, and will probably you ask about your day.

You have someone who uses Figma

I design everything in Figma, the industry standard UI design tool.

You get someone who asks questions

I want to understand the brief, how you envision the project and how we can get the best outcome.

You get someone who doesn't take it personally

I am always up for design decisions to be debated with the intention of improvement.

Recent Projects

Design Work So Good, You Will Wish We Met Earlier.
See More Design Projects


How much do you charge for web design?

Right now I charge per hour. It’s easiest most of the time, but I am open to giving fixed prices where needed. I charge £35 per hour.

Are you also a website developer?

Yes, I am indeed. I typically use WordPress, but if you prefer Webflow, let’s go. My primary focus is on advertising my web design services rather than development, as it’s what most clients require.

Who is behind Web Country Design?

Hello, I’m Mike, and I’ve been freelancing since October 2021. As a designer, I’m dedicated to making my designs as impactful as possible for the clients I am working with.  I really enjoy developing working relationships with the agency owners I speak to day in day out. Together we make some really cool s**t. 

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